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Monday, 25 April 2011
Wow what a crazy, busy  few days its been. 11 days off from the 9-5.30 but my work is not done, its now time to focus on building my dream and building my business. Hard work but an exciting. On my journey I'm continually seeking out inspiration to keep me motivated and focused a few years ago I stumbled across a book at my cousins house it was called Change your life in 7 days written by Paul McKenna. My first reaction at the time was this must be a load of rubbish lol but I was intrigued so I started to read the book. 
This book really did change the way I thought, it made me see that where I was at that time was a culmination of every thought I had ever had, every action I had taken and every reaction I had ever had to external situations. From the time of reading that book I thought I have to change the way I think other wise I will never get where I want to be. One of the key lessons from the book I often refer back to are the 10 secrets of abundance (9 of them are relevant here): 

  1. Decide right now that you are responsible for your financial abundance 
  2. Save first and spend only what you can truly afford 
  3. Study wealthy people
  4. Build your financial reservoir
  5. The 80/20 rule (Pareto) 20% of your efforts create 80% of your wealth
  6. Get in touch with your passion everyday 
  7. Charge what you are truly worth 
  8. Celebrate your life starting today 
  9. Keep going 
Abundance is a lot more than mere wealth or finance its about happiness, feeling secure in what you have and who you are. Its a mentality and a realisation that there is more than enough in the world to go around, although we are trained to believe there is lack in the world, this a fallacy in the world there are people with a scarcity mentality that create the illusion of lack. 

Anyway I digress, what I wanted to share with you is one of the 10 secrets that really stayed with me and that is to study wealthy people, or more importantly to me to study successful people. Wealthy both in the financial sense but more importantly in the sense that they are living life abundantly, limitlessly. Breaking barriers and making changes. 

I have come across many people in my pursuit all different, with different stories to tell and different approaches but one uniting factor is that they all absolutely love what they do. They are passionate about what they do. 

I thought I would share with you one of the people I most recently discovered Dr Stacia Pierce:

Check out the video, it really made me think so often we make working towards what we want so hard, thinking about how far we have to go, but why not make it fun and enjoy the journey of getting there? 

By studying people that are excelling, by exposing yourself to people that are where you want to be you map out the blue print for your own success and challenge yourself to be better. 

I'm always in search of excellence, share your examples of excellence on our Facebook page 

Until next time stay gifted and highly favoured. 

Lele x


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