Happiness is your BIRTHRIGHT– Step #1: True Love

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The first step to claiming happiness is finding true love within ones self. You need to start by believing from the core of your spirit that you are deserving of the joy that you seek. Sometimes we unconsciously put up barriers that prevent us from achieving that of which we desire, simply because deep down we are not in tune with ourselves internally.

When you are fully in love with yourself, you only accept and expect the best for you personally and professionally as you KNOW your worth. The real authentic you will be revealed and embraced everyday regardless of your environment and who surrounds you. You simply ‘do you’.

You need to enter into this new relationship like you would do with any other. Spend time alone, until you can be by yourself and not feel lonely. It’s essential that you take time out to really get to know you, sit in silence and solitude, go within and listen. Like any new relationship, healing needs to be done in the past in order to transition into a positive future, you need to be willing to start a fresh. So, let go of regrets and the forgive ‘have dones’; no longer see yourself as a victim, take full control and power of your life. Grow to love your weaknesses, realise that without them you wouldn’t have strengths as everything has an opposite, where there are ups there are downs, where there is man there is woman. Find your strengths and take them to new levels. Write yourself love notes, send yourself presents, take yourself out on a date - treat yourself like the Queen you are. Finally, repeat this affirmation daily ‘I am love and I am loveable’, say it until you believe it, know it and celebrate it.

Always remember, true love and happiness starts and ends with nobody else but YOU.

Stay blessed,



Anonymous at: 3 March 2011 at 15:40 said...

Lovely post! :-)

GlitterBow at: 8 March 2011 at 14:09 said...

So much can be achieved when you have that relationship with yourself and know your worth
:-) definitely agree with you!

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