Monday, 7 March 2011

…And I mean that very much in the literal sense.

The days are getting longer, the sunshine beams through the slits of your blinds, in my case, seeps through my cascading voiles. Easter is around the corner and talks of the summer holidays and how to spend them have undoubtedly given you a more pronounced spring in your step.

Until now, most of us have been dressing for comfort and warmth. Unflattering Uggs (I myself stuck to wedged dessert boots) hats that never should have left the dark corner where they dwelled and clothes that did absolutely nothing for you. And although the days still carry a crisp edge, spring/summer is all about eccentricity. Catwalks were “a riot of colour,” says so that means it’s the perfect time to perk up your mood by splashing some rainbow hues into your wardrobe.

Contrary to some people’s belief, darker skin carries off vivid makeup beautifully, so why not experiment with a few brighter eye shadows and lipsticks? I’d usually say to do either one or the other to evoke fun and flirty, blend well and stick to colours within the same palette range. Never lose sight of what suits your complexion.

But makeup isn’t the only way, nail polishes, cute and quirky accessories such as clips, bows and funky jewellery are another way to invigorate your outfit with some life. However, for the brave among you, this season’s anticipated Colour Blocking trend is the one for you. Cast your mind back to Rihanna’s Rudeboy video and think tribal for a more playful take. Be bold and make colours clash. Hold your head high, smile coyly and carry off this trend with confidence because it isn’t one for the faint hearted. But for the shy amongst you, fear not, you can tone down rainbow brights with denim and neutral tones.

So now you have the basics, follow the links for some inspiration and see how many new shades you can thrown into the mix.
Vicky. x


Selina Loves Love at: 8 March 2011 at 00:21 said...

Love love love this Vic!!!...

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