Perfect stranger

Sunday, 10 July 2011
I moved house last week, which is something I've become accustomed to
since living in London.  I've had a bit of practice so was very

By 9am the fragile stuff were packed in the car ready for the movers at 10.
10o'clock, it all started to go down hill.  The movers were late, when
they did turn up they were a company I had used previously trading
under a different name, the advertised 23 foot van was the size of a
small Tesco delivery van...the list went on.  It basically went from
bad to worse.

They initially agreed to do 2 trips however they arrived with the
first load at the new property 2hrs late after getting lost & stuck in
traffic.  They had another appointment & had to leave after unloading.
 So I was stuck with my belongings in the garden and shared communal
area at the old place.  I went back to assess what was left & started
calling around to see if I could get anyone to help. My old neighbour
came out & asked if I was alright, I clearly wasn't but being the
person I am I said I was fine.  My neighbour walked away & came back
out minutes later with his brother.  They both opened their boots &
started loading things into their cars.

I was completely overwhelmed & utterly speechless.  My neighbour & I
have always greeted each other if we pass in the hallway & exchanged a
few words when I moved in.  Otherwise we've both kept ourselves to
ourselves.  We're practically strangers, but in my hour of need they
came to my rescue.  I can never repay them for what they did, but I
will never forget it!  It reminds me that there are genuinely good
people out there.

But you don't have to wait for that person to come along and do a good
deed for you, why not be that person for someone else!  Just a

Nuevo Mel


Anonymous at: 12 June 2012 at 04:48 said...

Yes, by being nice to someone else, in return for nothing, you are adding to the universe, a scent of loveliness.


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