Happiness is your BIRTHRIGHT

Friday, 18 February 2011

Happiness: state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

“You were born to be happy” is a statement that I know will seem so farfetched and airy fairy to a fair few people. It’s a state of mind that’s associated with escapism, Cinderella, the ladies in the Dove advert and ‘rich people’. Us "normal people can't be happy everyday, when there are gas bills, phone bills and bosses from Hell". Well, yes you can be. I’m a living testimony that happiness isn’t only attained during a night in with your girlies and 3 bottles of Rosé. Believe it or not, you can actually attain it in the HERE and NOW (bare with me, and don’t worry I’m not an alien).

Anyone that knows me will verify that I keep a positive mental attitude at all times, percentage wise I’d easily say 98%. I eat, sleep, and drink positivity. This is reflected though positive quotes on my Facebook status, having a big Colgate smile plastered on my face and always seeing the positive in so called ‘negative’ situations. The root of this joy comes from deep within, it’s a feeling that I wake up with in the morning and puts a smile on my face at night. As a result of numerous life lessons, happiness has just become more and more prevalent within my life. However, my positive energy has been a great cause of concern for some people, who just don’t seem to get it. To the extent that last week my friend recommended I sought professional help, the conversation went something like this:

Her (serious face): “Selina babe, we need to talk”

Me (puzzled look): “About what?”

Her (Very upset/concerned): “I think you need to speak to someone, someone professional, like a counsellor. I think you’re bottling up a lot of deep issues inside, they can help you. Being positive all the time is just not natural Selina, there’s something seriously wrong”

Me (after laughing for 10 minutes): “Don’t be silly woman"

Although some people may beg to differ, I am not suffering from bipolar, schizophrenia or sniffing the Charlie on the down low – I’m just happy!!

Nowadays finding a smiling face is like looking for an earring back in a hay stack. The next time you’re on public transport look around you and count how many people (sitting alone) are smiling, I can confidently bet you that you won’t count a full hand. It’s like screw face is a new fashion trend.

Unfortunately, in this society people have been conditioned to think that depression, sadness and misery is the normal state of being, and happy times come around once in a blue moon. Don’t get me wrong, bad things do happen to people, but it’s all about your perception of that bad thing. As the great Lauryn Hill (my idol) put it “There is no such thing as problems, it’s just experiences and your reaction to it”

Happiness is your BIRTHRIGHT; you were born to be happy. You have a right to it, BUT only YOU can claim it. There is a wealth of joy and Divine love inside of you waiting to be unleashed. Happiness is not a result of the great things you do; the great things you do are a result of your innate happiness.

“So, how do I get this wonderful happiness?” I hear you say.

Well, over the next few weeks I’m going to present to you 10 in depth easy to follow steps to happiness. Tried and tested by yours truly.

So, until then keep smiling (even at the screw face people) and stay abundantly blessed!

Selina x

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Anonymous at: 19 February 2011 at 02:53 said...

Reading this just made me happy, great job Selina!!

GlitterBow at: 19 February 2011 at 11:18 said...

Looking forward to the next ten steps! I will be doing them weekly lol

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