Happiness and Acceptance

Friday, 25 February 2011

My lesson this week has been about happiness and acceptance.

(Thank you Selina, our earlier convo’ really just hit home!)

It’s been a particularly challenging week, with so much uncertainty and things lingering in the air, it’s an exciting time – yet very uncertain. It’s like seeing a destination you want to reach, making moves to get there, but it’s always that challenge of getting from “here” to “there”, not particularly knowing which winding road to take, attempting to exercise patience, adhering to the reoccurring message of trust, whilst holding the faith and vision and battling with wanting everything to be ok and happen ‘RIGHT NOW!’.

After much circling, action, in-action, meditation and dealing with the everyday issues of life, today it’s really hit me that the drive and frustration fuelling me to change my circumstances in order to be “happier” is actually in the process making me very “unhappy”, remaining in a constant state of trying to create change.

So, I’ve learned that if we can be happy within ourselves and appreciate everything that is, whilst doing what we’re most passionate about, then no matter what the external circumstances are, we will always be happy; finding the true happiness inside, rather than reacting to external stimuli.

In a nutshell, it’s that peace and acceptance, letting the world just be, as well knowing and trusting that everything is going to work out beautifully.

Keisha :)


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