Let yourself go

Monday, 21 February 2011
...and the rest will follow!

Like myself, I’m sure that you can recall the number of times that someone has told you the same advice or words to that sentiment, and if you’re anywhere near as stubborn and ridiculously uptight as myself you’ve listened but not absorbed. It reluctantly forced its way in one ear, but easily glided out of the other. As one of my friends often says to me, “Yuh bruk stick ina yuh ears!” (Jamaicans and their sayings!) But not necessarily because you’ve disregarded the wisdom, more so because in itself it seems too difficult to act upon.

I mean what would become of life if we consciously decided to loosen the reigns? If our sole purpose was to go against the grain and rebel against the constraints of society, and in a lot of cases our own culture? To put it simply, life would actually be a lot more fun. I can’t guess how many or if any of you reading may have had any liberating experiences recently, but I definitely have when I decided to go ahead with the ‘BC’ or Big-Chop as it may be known to some of you. To realise what stirs happiness in your heart, I learned that the best way is to rid yourself of all inhibitions. Take a chance and capture the essence of the beautiful moment in hand and the many that will inevitably follow.

As I said to my two friends before writing this post, “Happiness is a self construct,” and however abstract that may sound you’ll be able to attribute some personal meaning to it. One of my fellow bloggers, Selina mentioned happiness being a birth-right and it is, but before you can fully reap the benefits of elation you need to know what makes you happy and stand up for it. It’s a known fact that you can never please everyone all of the time, but why would you want to anyway? That's hard work! Please YOU first and like I said, the rest of it will fall neatly into place.


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