Today Is Your Day - SEIZE THE MOMENT

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

132 years ago today a bill was signed allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States

46 years ago today a new red white maple leaf design was adopted as the flag of Canada

6 years ago today (or maybe yesterday Wikipedia fails me) YouTube was launched in the United States

All of the milestones above were at first dreams, thoughts and mere ideas. What turned them into a reality was that somebody decided to seize the moment; stand up for women, put pen (or pencil) to paper and design a new flag or sharing similar ideas to create a world changing media outlet.

You may have an idea, dream or fleeting thought of what you could and want to accomplish in your life. The key to success is allowing your ideas, dreams and thoughts develop into becoming reality. By ‘allowing’ I’m referring to the steps you may take and the hard work you will put in, in order for you to progress and ultimately succeed.

I particularly like the quote pictured above by Stanislaw Lem “Your Dream will always defeat Reality if You give it a chance”. This quote reminds me to take off the limitations that I or society may have place on myself and reminds me that I can do anything I allow myself to do.

I must therefore take action, work hard and, dedicate precious time and energy into becoming my dream and making it happen!!

Procrastination, I have to admit is something I struggle with. I have a book full of ideas, dreams, thoughts and coulda shoulda wouldas. Not good!! However, within that book I also have pages of rejoicing; a new job, an open door and documented discoveries of vital pieces of information which have helped me to progress. When I think back to how these ‘rejoicings’ have come about they have all developed from a time where I ‘seized the moment’, a time where I took a baby step of faith just to see what might happen if I finally decide to have that conversation, if I put that little bit more effort into a job search/application or if, I push open that door which is slightly ajar.

I thank God for each and every step that I have taken over the last 15 years, as every single one of them has contributed to where I am today. I’m not where I dreamt or thought I would be – but equally I could never have dreamt or thought up some of the amazing things have happened and continue to happen in my life.

My advice for you today is to take that step closer to making your dream a reality, Seize the moment. Just do it! You may need to make that phone call, write that letter, apply for that job, enrol on that course, or simply research your idea/dream further, become the specialist of your idea and invest your time and energy into making your dream, thought or idea a reality.

One last thing.. remember you are Gifted and Highly Favoured!!



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