Saturday, 5 March 2011

As I type this blog, I'm travelling back on a noisy coach from London to Birmingham, after attending a days workshop on the topic of Community Engagement at Canary Wharf. Although I found the area itself a bit strange and grey, with lots of symbols and allsorts standing out to me, I have had a great day and learnt loads! I am well tired now though. Anyhow, thought I would seize the moment (Nicole ;-)) and type my blog......

The topic I'm blogging on today is 'Think-Feel-Act' which is a term that many of you may be familiar with. Just to break it down, the way we THINK determines the way we FEEL which in turn determines the way we ACT.

Relating it to one of my personal experiences....ok, I never used to like going to the gym, although I would like all the benefits that come with it! So, before I'd even got there I'd already decided that I wasn't going to enjoy it, I would THINK that the machines would all be taken up, I'm gonna get all sweaty and have to wash my hair etc etc. Then I would begin to feel as though it was a chore and I didn't FEEL like going. Then my ACTIONS would be a result of this as half the time I wouldn't end up going at all! Or if I did go, I would get there and have the exact same experience that I had thought about!!

Why???? Because what I thought had already caused me to feel negative about going to the gym so my feeling and actions were a manifestation of this.

Complete madness! You know that had to change, especially if I'm going to get into that dress I got lined up for a wedding in JA this year (just had to slip that one in!)

So, let's just say, I decided to begin to take more control over my thoughts. I now try and think about all the great things about going to the gym, like the effect it has on my body, the sauna and steam room treat after the workout etc and trust me, I feel a whole lot better about going, now I actually get there and enjoy it, most of the time!

How many times do we hold preconceived ideas, not just about trips to the gym but also towards people. I'm sure we are all guilty at some point of having a perception about someone or something, maybe based upon somebody elses opinion, so by the time we come into contact with that someone or something - we have already decided that we don't like it/them! Which then makes it a whole lot harder to break the barrier down. It all begins with a thought that has been cemented.

Is there one thing that you don't enjoy doing that you can change by re framing it? Can you change the way you think about it? Try it......and see the way you feel about it after taking actions based on more positive thoughts and feelings, its a much more pleasant experience :-)

Stay gifted & highly favoured!

Melissa xx


GlitterBow at: 8 March 2011 at 13:58 said...

Positive mental attitude is the way forward!

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