Japan: My reflections

Saturday, 12 March 2011

I had a whole different topic to talk about today, I was going to talk about inequality within the UK and the fact that the playing field is not equal. Being a women and  classed as an ‘ethnic minority’ this is often something that is quite apparent if not overt. However  after hearing the news, the events in Japan have really made me STOP... and think.

One of the nagging thoughts persisting in my mind is the fragility of life and the overwhelming indiscriminative power of nature. No matter the society, no matter the race, no matter the gender we are all humbled against the mighty power of the environmental forces, when the earth groans we quiver. No matter who we are CEO, politician, teacher or homeless person nature is the great equalising force.

Under nature we are all one, under God there is none higher, there is no greater authority we are all equal. The material things of man are no match for the divine things of nature.

So why do we get so preoccupied with the material? With this struggle for power that really does not belong to us? Why do we strive to be above or superior  to our fellow human beings eager to prove that we are better, eager to justify our worth.  Why do we deny the interconnectivity of the human race?

What struck me about the earthquake in Japan was the repercussions it has had worldwide. The fact that thousands of miles across the other side of the pacific ocean coasts in Hawaii, Mexico and America where on high alert, evacuated.  International alert systems in place because if one part of our world is struck by disaster other places become vulnerable also. Both physically and economically, you just need to look at the stock market to see that. We cannot afford to be divided, we cannot afford to be insular and we cannot afford to attitudes of superiority because we are all vulnerable, all life is fragile. 

Ever notice how everything in nature happens in cycles? The earth orbits the moon, the movement from night to day, the seasons change, even our bodies have cycles. What’s my point I hear you say? Well it’s this, if Japan are suffering today then it may just be us tomorrow, everything and everyone has a season.  A time to be happy and a time to weep. A time to serve and a time to be served. A time to help and a time to be helped.

There’s a lot of talk about all these natural disasters signifying the end of days, the rapture, the end of the earth! I don’t know about all that, we’ll never know, truth is someone’s world ends every day.
What I take from this is simply, don’t get so caught up in your own world that you don’t see that we are all equal under God, that we are all interconnected and affected.

There is no room for division. 

Finally enjoy your season in the sun, embrace your life, be your best but above all give, love and empathise  freely because seasons always change.

My thoughts and prayers are with Japan and all the other places/ people across the world still recovering from natural  disasters.

Stay gifted and highly favoured.

Lele x

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