Inhibitions are useless

Monday, 21 March 2011
Cast your mind back to my first post - or if you need reminding just search 'Let Yourself Go' and have a quick read, now remember I was talking about the need to drop your inhibitions sometimes in order to make yourself happy? Right, so we're all on the same page here? Now just to prove that I wasn't giving advice I wasn't willing to follow, because if I remember rightly I did confess to a little bit of "bruk stick" in my pointy-ears, I forced myself to have one of the most liberating experiences I could have. Before I drop it - and I love this 'drop', what do people say to you when you've got to stand up infront of a crowd and speak? When you know your knees are going to quiver to jelly and you envisage all the words that you're going to stumble upon... Picture them NAKED. Well, I took this advice but to another degree and instead GOT NAKED. For a life art session in a room of established artists and tutors for the best two-hours I'd had in a long while.

No nerves, well nothing on the scale as what I'd imagined, by the second pose I was ready to whip off my robe and daydream for half-an-hour. I was actually singing Jessie J in my head while the foot underneath me was having the blood drained out of it - (literally, I couldn't walk for a few minutes afterwards). I had my friend Sienna there for the much needed moral support, I can definitely say that experience has bought us closer now she's seen all my usually hidden bits, even though she was sat there reading a book! I guess it was relaxation for the both of us.

But the point here is, I did it so now it's your turn! I'm not encouraging you to streak, skinny-dip or wild out against your parent's will - I do not want to have any complaints from someone's mother saying they've been arrested for indecent exposure, but allow yourself to be lead by your instincts sometimes rather than logic and reason. It's the best feeling in the world. Honestly.

Check out my blog for the images:

Peace. Vicky x


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