Tuesday, 15 March 2011
The last week has to be hands down theee most stressful week i've experienced in a long time!

I almost chickened out of my blog this week because my mind was swirling so much. Every bone in my body wanted to use this as an opportunity to rant about EVERYTHING!

When I heard about the devastation in Japan my mind just went into overload thinking about the people that had lost there homes and families and the amount of chaos caused. I have to admit I wasn't immediately drawn to watch the news coverage on the events because at this point my stress levels were waaay too high with everything that was going on in my world.

The next day, the talk of the events in Japan got louder but I still didn't watch the news because once again I had too much going on in my world that day. I did the same thing the next day because (all together now) 'there was too much going on in my world that day'.

Until yesterday.....

Yesterday I woke up and said a prayer to give thanks as I do most mornings. However yesterday's prayer was cranky. It lacked gratitude and honesty and packed a little cynicism. Probably a little too much for the Boss's liking because right there and then the light shade dropped on my head! How I don't know, but it did. Me being the god fearing woman I am quickly toned it down and started apologising profusely of course, in fear of anymore trouble.

I don't know if it was the light shade that did it or the humble pie I was about to have for breakfast but something made me switch on the television and flick straight to the news for the first time in months.

There it full colour HD; all the footage of the Tsunami gushing through the streets of Japan and taking along everything in its path. Buildings, cars, homes and landmarks swept away in the blink of an eye; just gone. As I watched the images the news reporters voices turned into padded muffles in the back of my mind. I watched cars on highways trying to turn around in the panic and get swept up with no remorse. I thought about the fear that must of engulfed the hearts of those poor people in those split seconds. In a moment like that what does one think about? What flashes through your mind in the face of devastation or death? Morbid I know, but it's a question I asked myself as I absorbed all those images.

Suddenly what was going on in my world that day, didn't seem so bad.

Give Thanks


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