It's the little things. Selah.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

It’s been a funny old week. Somewhere between happy and void.

I’ve been neither high or low, just floating somewhere in between. That place you’re in where you’re clearly moving, physically, but the days seem like a big blur. Perhaps you made a phonecall yesterday, or you ran an errand, went to work, went out. You ate something. You went to sleep.

You did this all over again.

I vaguely remember laughing hysterically at some point in the week (Tuesday). I also remember curling up on a sofa and watching a movie with a girlfriend. We discussed some life issues. Nothing major. We exchanged hugs. I went about my way.

But then here’s the thing. A moment that hits me every so often, and sometimes the transition is completely unconscious.

I stop and just be. I enjoy my own company. I begin to notice the little things. I marvel at them.
I ignore the flashing from my phone. I switch off the TV. I try to calm my mental chatter. It’s hard, but it’s vital for sanity. I pack so much in the week, often meaningless, yet at the worst of times, I can only accurately remember a feeling.

It’s as if I walk around on auto-pilot

-Dear Orange customer, You now have an outstanding balance of...- *to re-record this message, key hash at any time –beep-* -Go compaaaare, Go compaaare-*Hun, just reached yard, you home yet?*

*Le sigh*

Sometimes we need to be alone with our thoughts (and for many of us), with God.

  • Sit still and enjoy your own company. Sing to him. Sing to yourself. Sing words that uplift you, that remind you how powerful and beautiful you are. That declare, where, what and how you want to be; what you want to create (visualisation).
  • Loosen you hair, clean off that make-up and stare at your reflection. Get comfortable with you. Designate a going out day where you wear nothing but your clothes, your music and a smile. Nothing more.
  • Own your body again, train & exercise, stretch for flexibility, get to the point where few things limit you physically.  
  • Take ownership of your mind. Be more conscious of what you choose to fill it with, be it conversations you have, things you read, music you listen to or things you watch.

Block out London living. Enjoy pure music- with substance. Marvel at the little things in life. When everything else vanishes, they’re all we have left. ....


[Michelle Sharpow-Back to Earth; Yazarah- Come to me; Snarky Puppy- Flood; Shaun Escofferey- Days like this; Miles Davis- Blue in green; Common- Heaven Somewhere]

Why don't you share with us some sources that inspire you/ centers you/ allows you to enjoy your own company?


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