Rejuvenate your Resolutions

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I just wanted to use this blog to talk about New Years Resolutions/Goals, I know your probably thinking it’s another 8 months before I need to start thinking about what I want to achieve in 2012. But what about 2011? What were your 2011 resolutions? I bet many of you barely remember what you promised yourself you would achieve or put in place for the coming year…Well I am pleased to say that I have so far achieved 2 out of 4 goal so I am already 50% there…

  1. Move in with the boyfriend – CHECK

  2. Change job to get closer to my desired field of work – CHECK

  3. Get a new car – PART CHECK – Just in the process of looking into buying a Mini Cooper as my Golf has finally decided to pack up on me for good after forking out more money than the car is worth on numerous new parts over the past year and numerous calls to AA to come and rescue me, I have decided it is time to finally treat myself to my Mini.

As for number 4……it was after reading Vicky’s inspiring post about ‘Letting yourself go’ and letting go of her inhibitions to pose nude for an art class that got me thinking about the one Goal that I had put off year after year…TO LEARN TO SWIM. Yep, I have no idea how to swim!! You see its great watching other people swimming and having fun, but to me the child who hated the water (in the swimming not washing sense) it has always been something I have increasingly feared. It all started when I was at school, I suffered a lack of confidence in my abilities, felt I was too chubby to float in water LOL (probably still am hahaha) and as many of us black women can relate to, I simply had not wanted to get my hair wet for it to blow up into a huge afro where all the kids would say ‘WOW your hair is so cool it doesn’t even look wet’ LOL. Little did they know it was actually the pain of my mother trying to blow dry and tame that mane back into place that would not be worth the quick 45mins of a swimming lesson. So to my later detriment I made many excuses to be excused from class.....a fear I now have decided to bite the bullet and face… Thanks Vicky ‘I say with anxious thoughts of hesitation’

So there is no turning back now I have paid and booked my 10 weeks of swimming lessons, as embarrassing and scary as it may be I have to suck it up, put my arms in those rubber bands and learn to swim. I have to achieve this life long goal that I have been avoiding, I have to keep envisioning the day when I can say I CAN SWIM, when I will be able to enjoy the thrills of water parks and water sports (something that I have always wanted to do) but also when I will be able to take my own children swimming, because that is one basic skill that I will ensure my child can do, afro or no afro! Wish me luck.

So my encouragement for you today is to re-visit your resolutions ask yourself why and what did I commit myself to do in 2011? Write it them down and list what you have done or need to do to make those goals a reality, it’s a great way to stay motivated and to keep yourself focused. If you haven’t done anything, don’t be discouraged and don’t waste any more time in regret or procrastination as you can get back on track.

Just think about how you will feel when you accomplish your goals. Even if you don’t complete those goals when the clock strikes on the 31st Dec 2011, its important not to be disheartened as during 2011 you would have started to put the foundations in place to achieve those goals in 2012.

Revisit your resolutions/goals;

  1. Are your resolutions never-ending? Jotting down everything we want to do on Jan 1st can be overwhelming, pick one or two you want to realty concentrate on putting all your efforts into.

  2. Are your resolutions realistic? Break it down and work towards small goals that form part of the bigger goal so that you feel a sense of accomplishment along the way

  3. Can you accomplish your resolutions on your own? Think about all the possible barriers and outside factors that may affect your goal, don’t focus on things you have no control over but focus on what you can do or who can help you.

Stay blessed, gifted and highly favoured and I will keep you all updated on my swimming progress.



Lele at: 18 April 2011 at 15:20 said...

I need to learn to swim too I have been putting it off for so many years! Shame lol

Zen at: 19 April 2011 at 01:15 said...

Lele I didn't know you couldn't swim, I guess this show that swimming is one of those skills you assume everyone has. Its never too late to learn, even if it wasn't in your 2011 things to achieve list, why not add it now, or if there are other goals you want to concentrate on this year, make sure 2012 is the year you too can say I CAN SWIM! x

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