Easter - Let us not forget the true meaning.....

Sunday, 24 April 2011
Happy Easter to you all... I hope you haven't eaten too many chocolate eggs :-) and I hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine.

We all have been very blessed over the past week or so to have had so much sunshine... I don't know about anyone else but I feel as though I have been on holiday. The things I would do on holiday I have done here this week... from eating out to chilling in the park, to sunbathing - I have loved every single minute of it. Throughout all of the sunshine, meeting with friends and spending time with family, I ensured I celebrated and took in the real meaning of Easter. There are many things around us that tempt us to forget about what Easter actually means, for example - I was walked through Clapham to see that every other shop was open, shops including Foot Locker and Superdrug.
I was very surprised and disgusted at the time but as time went on I thought to myself 'Shemeleah, as long as you have in mind what today is about then nothing else matters'.

Easter can be so secular with Easter Bunnies or at the other end of the spectrum it can have no meaning to some. So with this in mind I leave with you a very small poem about Easter - It really sums up what Easter should be about - Take it in, think about it and remember.... and then maybe eat another Easter egg ;-)

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine.... I know I will be.

Much Love Shemeleah x

If Not For Easter

If not for Easter,
the chaos of this world
would be all there is
and all there ever would be.
If not for Easter,
the unfairness of life
would drive us to despair.
But God sent His Son
to give eternal life
filled with peace, happiness
and unimaginable blessings
to those who choose Him.
All we have to do is choose Him.
Happy, Happy Easter!

By Joanna Fuchs


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