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Tuesday, 12 April 2011
What a year so far guys.

Well, April officially marks the start of the second quarter of this fast flowing year - 2011. For myself this time is proving to be an ample opportunity for self reflection, and the re-evaluation of some personal resolutions and professional goals that I've committed to for 2011.

Over the last several months, I have been blessed (trying to look at that glass as being half full ; ) with situations and challenges that have built my confidence, readdressed the importance my spirituality and tested my resilience; all of which have helped me build strategies, commitments and habits necessary to move closer to my goals. This is because when we focus on the process the results usually naturally fall into place. But as I have mentioned through previous blogs, its always vital that we check in on ourselves every now and then to evaluate (and re-evaluate as I've previously mentioned) our strategies to ensure they are get us closer to where we want to be.

I am my own self professed biggest critic so like always I generally find myself over thinking and analysing my progress and grading my success on completion rather than duration (I am defiantly a completer finisher). Well, you (and I) will be happy to know that this time round I am committing to grading myself on my progress through 'quarterly milestones' (mini completion zones throughout the journey to completing your ultimate goal). This is because milestones can feel just as rewarding as when you get to that final completion zone. I could elaborate more on this point but I'm sure you'll be wanting to settle down and have your din dins etc shortly. So before you do so please please please spare a little bit of time this evening to reflect on the year so far and more importantly what milestones you have accomplished towards achieving your ultimate goal(s). OR if you haven't officially committed to achieving anything then why not start now! Its never too late.

...some of the things that I like to consider/ take into account:

How close you are to achieving your goals and resolutions you set at the beginning of the year. If you are on track, fabtabulous! But remember there is always for improvement so regularly check back in to ensure your on track.

• Take time to reconnect with your vision/mission. This will help you stay focused and create a sense of urgency regarding your goals and specific strategies. Sometimes we nail our strategies but simply need to progress them so always keep pushing yourself and check with your network (close personal/ professional contacts).

• If you find that you are not on the right track, ask yourself, “why the f*c# not?” (I already told you that I'm my own self professed biggest critics so harsh words to fix up mate!). Just a thought, but maybe your initial strategies were inappropriate or sometimes in my case unrealistic. Maybe you lost focus. Maybe you didn't set the right line of accountability - for e.g. I am an advocate for verbally sharing and committing to goals (my preferred style because if I openly commit to myself and close trusted ones, then I am highly likely to achieving as I and they will kick my a*# if I don't). I'm sure I bore many of my close ones with this statement but I firmly believe that 'you will move faster if you know where you are going...' Whatever the scenario I find that its useful to, address the reasons, refocus and recommit.

So I know your probably on the edge of your seat and ready to run crack on with your evening routines but please remember, stay focused on your prize and the process because like a high performing vehicle, we can drive high performance through effective maintenance, servicing and fine tuning (and petrol... don't forget to eat ha ha... yeh that's right I'm here all week lol). That will ensure that we are not burnt out before we reach that final destination in mind. Always try to stay in the driving seat guys! and always stay gifted and highly favoured.

Have a great evening,

Reds xxx


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