Get Grateful!

Monday, 11 April 2011
Today I'm at home on last minute annual leave because my car is sick :( I've been trying to get in fixed so that tomorrow I can drive to work instead of catching 3 buses! Its all done now and hopefully its will be well for a while, I can but pray and hope. 

I've been feeling some what sorry for myself, we just get so used to the material pleasures, the thought of a bus brings me out in a cold sweat lol. Car trouble is something I can hardly afford right now let alone buying a new one. However it did get me thinking about the things we take for granted each and everyday. 

The things we see as standard, the home comforts, convenience of  a car (no matter how old or battered) our jobs. Things we moan about because we want better and we want more. Not that we shouldn't want better and want more aspirations are good. But it dawned on me how can God trust you with more if you are not grateful and thankful for what you have right now?  

In the west particularly there is so much we take for granted, running water, reliable electricity, free healthy care, free education. There is so much we don't appreciate, a vast amount of people do not have half of what we have, there is so much suffering and deprivation world wide. 

Not to mention the fact that what we have now can always be taken away, natural disasters are just one way we witness this happen time and again. Everyday there are other ways, my mom being ill last year brought this home to me. 

Everyday is so precious, everyday is a gift to be thankful for, despite the bills, pressures, stress and life's inconveniences such as a sick car. These things are so minor, if you have a roof over your head, running water, food to eat and a way of making a living. You are so blessed, theres absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more and striving for more but there is a lot wrong with not being grateful. 

So this is where I snap out of it and leave my pity party since no one is joining me here any how. Its time to get grateful and get giving taking a few more foot steps towards my dreams. 

Until next time stay Gifted and Highly Favoured. 

Lele x


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