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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hiyee, wasn’t today glorious here in the UK! I know you probably think I’m obsessed with sunshine and good weather but I’m not! Ok, I lie, I LOVE IT!!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been really struggling to think of a topic and how I could philosophise it and turn it into a decent blog. It just wasn’t happening for me. I was really struggling! Then it dawned on me that all I really want to do is encourage you to do good things, to reach and maximise your potential, strive for excellence and, most of all be happy within yourself.

Life can be so short as has been highlighted to us in previous blogs. We really don’t know when it’s our time to go or the time of a loved one. So I encourage you (and myself) to make the most of your life and be kind to those around you.

Don’t wait on other people to fulfil your dreams! Set the wheels in motion yourself. Do what makes YOU happy, without seriously upsetting or offending the people around you.

Already at my young age of 30 (yes 30 is still young) I am tempted to say “I should’ve done it this way” or “I wish I’d had done that instead of this” or even “I really should’ve gone on that date” heehee ok I know there’s plenty more fish in the sea but you get my drift.

Someone told me a story the other day which made me realise that if you really want something and you work towards it you can have it. ..

The teacher asked her pupils what career they would like in the future. The usual answers came flying back: lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, footballer etc etc. However, when it came to Nicole she answered “I won’t need a career Miss, as I’m going to marry X” (X was a famous popstar at the time)

The teacher obviously annoyed sent Nicole to the headmaster’s office, where she was given an after school detention for her ridiculous answer.

Well you never guess what – she only went and got married to him years later. Through a course of events X got married to his number one fan! True story!

Now I’m NOT saying that you should start preparing your wedding with Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore or Trey Songz, but what I AM saying is sometimes when you believe in something so much that you dedicate your life to it, it can become a reality!! No matter how airy fairy that story is, it actually spurred me on to complete a job application form. God really will use anything to get your attention and speak to you... Heehee!!

Enjoy the rest of your week (and of course the sunshine) and I encourage you to live as the Gifted and Highly Favoured woman/man that you are!!

Nics xx

"There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave,

There are souls that are pure and true;

Then give the world the best you have,

And the best will come back to you."

- Madeline Bridges


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