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Sunday, 27 February 2011

As with the majority of the other bloggers I have been stressing about the topic of my blog and after reading everyone else's blog I felt so initimidated by the level inspiration and blogs that everyone had written. When the rota came out I specifically asked Leone if I could have my blog for when I would be in Miami.... And here I am approximately ten past 2 sittin on south beach with writers block (embarassed face). Anyway let me rewind a little so I can give you a flavour of the beginning of my South Beach adventure.

So I arrived in Miami South Beach yesterday evening at 6pm local time (that would be 11pm English time) to a temperature of 28 degrees celcius..... Big smiles :-) Only God knows how much I have been needing this break away. Right now I feel so blessed to be away with two women who are the closest to me in my life, my mum and my sister.

I was actually quite anxious about this holiday because as with any other family we do argue...however right now I am living for the moment and loving my family time.

I am already suffering from jetlagg due to the 5 hours time difference and I had the worst sleep ever so I figured I would stay up and sleep it off on the beach this morning (am I making you guys jealous.... He he). I sat in the apartment this morning with my Blackberry... Yes I brought my phone, but only becuase I knew I needed to blog looool - and keep in touch with the world of course. My mum and sister are already cussing me telling me to get off my phone even though they know the reason I'm on it..... Apprently the next 10 days are family time only so please forgive me if my blog seems shorter than those you may have read on other days.

Its actually quite a strange visit to Miami for me becuase the last and only other time I have been here was with my ex over 5 years ago. I'm walking down the same streets, seen the exact hotel we stayed in and walked across the same Gay area on the beach that we accidently sat in 3 days in a row before we realised that we were not meant to be sitting there....Eeeeeek!!

Anyway the reason why I say its strange is becuase a lot happened within the time of me visiting Miami with him and me visiting now and without going into too much detail it did involve a break up, me moving to London, me dating other guys, him moving to London (and I'm sure dating other women too). Five years later we are back together just recently and its going better than ever and the future looks bright. Sounds sad and smoochy I know - But everyone that knows me knows that I am not that girl to say such things and those reading who do know me 'I can see the looks on your faces ha ha ha ha' bet you can't believe I am writing what I am, but who cares I'm in MIAMI and I guess I must have sun stroke lol.

Enough of that smoochy stuff already anyway! (omg I'm writing like an american). Talking of that my mum thinks its really funny to be talking like an American at the moment even to American people and its really embarassing to say the least becuase her accent is awful and people are looking at us funny. I would usually get touchy about those things but you no what I'm on holiday and I am living for the moment and embracing everything Miami has to offer. As long as my mum and sis are having fun I don't really care about anything else.

So whilst we are here we are going to be living for the moment including my mother, check out the list of things we are going to be doing:

  • Going to the biggest basketball game Miami heats against the New York Nickys (I think that's what their called.
  • Going on a cruise to the Bahamas for two days
  • Visiting Universal Studios in Orlando Florida
  • Visiting Key West - Apparently they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • Jet ski-ing (of course)
  • Hiring out roller blades - Miami style
  • Hiring out an electronic scotter (those ones with the big wheels)
  • And finally chilling out and having some well overdue quality family time. I guess on my next blog I will be able to update you on how it all went and oh whether myself an my sis managed to get my mum to overcome her fears and do all of the above.

The last couple of months has been a testing time for my family with illnesses, job losses and tested friendships and this break sees an end to all of that.

Right now I'm living with no regrets, good people around me and I'm HAPPY. I'm in Miami baybee and me and mine are, LIVING FOR THE MOMENT and valuing the time we have together.....oh and getting blacker than black.

Gotta dash.........

Ps. Its 29 degree celcius today.


Shemeleah xxx


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