New Life

Saturday, 12 November 2011
6th November 2011 I got baptised along with my mother. It was such a special day, I wanted to share a part of that day in the form of a poem I wrote as a testimony of what God has done for me xx

Dead to myself resurrection new life
Today is the first day of my life
My old life is dead to me now but I do not mourn
Gone are the days I felt twisted and torn
Returning my life to its original source
Gone are those days of guilt and remorse
Guilt and condemnation are things of the past
Jesus my saviour the light to my path

Out of the darkness the son sets me free
Back to my childhood, my God dwells in me
I've stopped pulling away from God, why defy gravity

Oh what a blessing his mercy is mine
He choose me and moulds me
My saviour divine
His victory is mine
Though I don't deserve it
My saviour and friend, sacrificed his if for mine
On him I depend

What more can i say? What more can I do?
But live out my life in dedication to you

His word is my mirror reflecting the truth
Praise God how I thank him for the opportunity to change in my youth
Out of the darkness and into the light
Along with my mother how blessed am I?
He's given me wings, I'm so free I can fly
We walk hand in hand my father and I

Stay blessed, love Leone x


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