Monday, 23 May 2011
Lately I've been going through so many personal changes. When I started this year I had no idea how it would play out, I actually thought it would be a gap year basically a year where I waited for change to happen and things to work out!

How negative is that?? But then I thought to myself if thats really what the outlook is likely to be I had to make changes and I had to make them fast. The fear of a mediocre life propelled me into action. I thought no way am I simply sitting back and letting life pass me by if I'm not happy then change is required.

That was it I started acting in faith, making decisions not fully knowing where or how I would get to where I wanted to be but taking steps towards that place regardless. I started putting myself in uncomfortable situations, pushing myself further and further outside of my comfort zone.

Yet still things weren't changing at the pace I wanted them to, I wanted the life of my dreams and I wanted it now, not in a years time not even in six months time but right now.

This pushed me to keep searching for the answer, I covered this a little in my last post I've made it my mission to study successful people and their journey to where they are now. Not having a great deal of spare time I started to think of ways I could learn on the go and started to listen to podcasts. One of the people I started to listen to was Zig Ziglar, he is a crazy american infamous motivational speaker and sales expert. From the time I started listening to him I have learnt many things, so many wonderful insights but one I would really like to share is what he states as the stages of progress in the life of a successful person.

Stage 1- Survival- life is about covering the basic's, paying the bills and keeping your head above water.

Stage 2- Security- I see this as if you were to loose your job or some unpredictable event was to happen you would feel secure to deal with it, you would feel confident that you had the resources or ideas to not only survive but thrive.

Stage 3- Success- Not only are you secure but you are comfortable no more than that you feel a great sense of a achievement in life, you feel like a winner, you feel as if you've created and contributed to something worth while. I guess its a sense of personal mastery, accomplishment and recognition.

Stage 4- Significance- Now this is where it gets good, great even. Not only are you personally successful but you are so successful that you are able to affect,  change, enhance, impact and alter for the better the lives of many people. When I say many I'm talking 100's, 1000's even you are making a lasting contribution to the lives of others. It extends far beyond the self, beyond your family and immediate friends etc.

Now this is just my interpretation, but for some reason this has had such a lasting impact on my consciousness. In many ways I still feel as if I am at stage 1, not just from a financial perspective but from a mental perspective too. However rather than feeling really dis-hearted about it I feel the most excited I have felt in such a long time.

Currently I'm listening to James Caan's audio autobiography (if you have an iPhone download it whilst its free!) but this is a great example of a mans life that has passed through all of the above stages. It resonates with me, I see how powerful an idea/s, faith, diligence and perseverance can take you all the way from stage 1  right through to stage 4.

I'm at the starting block, but its not a race its a journey and I have butterfly's in my belly because stage 4 here I come!

I've found out a great way to keep on track with pursuing your progress too but I'll see how it goes for me over the next month and I'll share it with you all next time.

Until then stay gifted and highly favoured.

Lele xx


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