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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hey Guys,

Well it feels like a lifetime since I last submitted a blog but I'll be honest in saying that since my last one 'Heart is where the home is' life has certainly been putting my stamina and resilience tools and techniques into full drive. And hey so many close ones seem to have a similar story to tell (there must be something in the air lol), but like I always say make the best out of every great, good and grimy situation ; )

So what do I want to share to share with in the few minutes I have to blog today (got my last meeting at 17:30pm and then a full evening of gymming and scriptwriting ahead). Well simply this, based on my experience more so over the past few months I have come to the realisation that no matter how hard, how challenging and uncertain life seems sometimes - whether that be because you've had a loss(es), ineffective gain(s) also know as burdens or simply feel as though you'll never reach those goals sometimes. If you ensure that you have a strong sense of your ultimate purpose, self and a secure network of trusted close ones to lean on (through the good and the bad times) then believe me when I say you can handle anything that life will throw at you! As long as you know what you stand for, what you want and what you can positively give to life then happiness will always prevail. However, what I want to focus the next few moments on (as it is something I'm working on) is the power of forgiveness because sometimes to fully move on from a not so great situation, you have to reflect, reset and forgive... and here are some rational reasons as to why you should use this powerful phenomenon to help you walk away from any challenges (also known as b*#l sh*t ha ha) that passes your way.

The idea of forgiveness is simple - Just let go of all of your resentments and anger. Simple yes it may seem, but the practice of forgiveness can sometimes prove difficult. This is because some of us hold on to our resentments because they "seem so justified". And some people actually get pleasure from their resentments. But the cost we pay for holding on to resentment is very high as they are very stressful and weigh us down with the inflated burdens of the past.
Holding resentments does not punish the other person, it punishes us and since humans are not omniscient, or infallible, mistakes are inevitable for all of us. When we understand and accept human fallibility, it becomes much easier to forgive the mistakes other people, and even our own.

The benefits of forgiveness are huge but here are few:

-Relief of emotional and physical stress,
-Freedom from the pain of the past,
-Greater happiness in the present and
-Greater health and well-being.

"We seek to understand rather than judge". The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, defines forgivable as “something that you are able to forgive because you understand it.” Forgiveness comes from understanding how people act and make decisions

Forgiveness does not change the past. What ever happened ... has happened .... it is done! But our feelings about the past can change! (remember the glass can always be half full if you allow it to be). The amazing benefit of forgiveness is this - When we make peace with the past, forgiveness frees us to enjoy ... a better, healthier, happier life right now! make that phone call, send that text/BB or email or simply forgive instinctively (whether within your own thoughts and/ or even by prayer)... that way you should be able to continue to stand up for your morals and beliefs and more importantly work towards those goal(s) (with your ultimate purpose in mind of course)...

And last but by no means least - please don't LLL! (LIVE THE LOTTERY LIFE - waiting for big winnings to come along without putting in the hard work babeee! Yeh I should patent that... done lol Actually I think that will be the title of the next blog - research in underway!)

Till next time - live and love life in abundance,

Redibow x x x


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