Sunday, 12 June 2011

So about a month or so back my mum and I looked through some old photo's. We've done this loads of times over the years...typically, when we had guests. I used to cringe at the really awful ones and wished that my mum would use discretion when deciding which ones to pass round the room and which ones to sneakily push back down into the box. But she never did!

A combination of bad hair days, body image issues, bad outfit choices and 'what face was I pulling there?' led to me avoiding being in photographs and instantly offering to take them, hoping nobody noticed. I happily got away with it for years. But being a little older and wiser now it kinda hit home the last time we looked at the photo's. A BIG CHUNK OF MY LIFE WAS MISSING! Through trying to achieve the perfect photo and only being willing to take them when I felt it was good enough to capture I had missed an opportunity to record my memories. Loads of them! In fact one christmas at my aunts I had managed to avoid every single photograph, not even the back of my head or a side shot. It was like I wasn't even there!

SO, hindsight is a great thing isn't it! Lol. But it's as simple as this. Don't wait for that perfect opportunity when your hairs freshly done and you've got on that cute new dress or suit. Just take em at every opportunity you get! Because pictures are memories and they tell so many stories, some that we may even forget if we didn't have a picture to remind us!

So equipped with a new camera I bought a year ago that I've only used a handful of times and fresh out of my beginners photography course yesterday, I'm ready to see the world through the eyes of my lens. And I'm looking forwards to looking back at all the photographs, having a laugh and telling the stories that come along with them : )

Mel x


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